3 Steps to Guaranteed Success

Are you familiar with the term “personal best?” It’s often used in sporting events to indicate an athlete has successfully surpassed their own previous record.

The way success is determined off the field, slope, or ice can be considerably less obvious. Our relationships and careers, for example, are not judged numerically to the millisecond by a panel of impartial judges.

So how do we find our personal best in the various areas of our lives? Is there a scale we can use or a guru to instruct us? Probably not, in most cases at least. But there are three steps we can take.

The first step is preparatory. Our success in any venture will have a greater outcome of satisfaction if we are focus and dedicated to the outcome. No Olympiad is medaled because she casually thought she’d take up a sport due to a lack of anything better to do.

That is exactly why can find ourselves reaching a goal, but come up feeling empty. The reason? We didn’t want to do whatever we just did in the first place. The universe will support our word so it behooves us to ensure that our thoughts and words will lead to the actions which will produce results we crave.

Second is to (A) let go of the process, and (B) get busy with our work. That may seem contradictory, but it’s not. Once we speak our word the universe will act on it, provided we don’t get into the process and muck it up. Universal wisdom always has a bigger idea of our desire and some of the most unusual ways of bringing it about.

The busy part is doing the work we are drawn to do. If we don’t know what that next step is, find something to clean. Cleaning our desk, closets, car, garage, or whatever else you can think of is an excellent way to both signal to the universe that we’re serious, plus it keeps us occupied while our desire is simmering.

Finally, the third step has to do with judgment. When people feel they have failed at being a success it’s because they have used the wrong measurements. It’s easy to have the exact result we want, yet find it falls short of the goals of other people or society. This judgment step is about us deciding what is success for us, our personal best.

Decide today to take just one longing you have and use these steps to find the success you crave. When you’ve reached your goal, you’ll know you’ve reached your personal best. How? It will be the ease with which you fall asleep at night, and the excitement for the day with which you awaken. Our personal best allows us to maintain contentment as well as creating anticipation for our next accomplishment. Go for it!


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