The Disco Ball Goes Round and Round

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TDirecting Our Emotions

May I have your opinion? “On what?” you ask with earnest anticipation and bated breath.

“DISCO!” I answer with enthusiasm!

Mic drop.

You’ve got an opinion about disco. Almost everyone does. Usually it goes either way to one side of the spectrum or the other. It’s seldom in the middle. People either love it or hate it.

By now you’ve probably guessed this blog has absolutely nothing to do with disco. Okay, so what is it about? Oddly enough, it does have something to do with disco!

Disco is one of those things that almost anyone between the ages of 45 to 80 (the age range of most of my readers, so quite possibly you) remembers or has heard at some point. But the immediate reaction we have to a music genre is not unique to audible stimuli.

We are bombarded by the memories of experiences throughout our life. How? Through scent of our deceased grandmother’s perfume; by the sight of an old shirt we were wearing when our last boyfriend broke up with us; with the familiar touch of our lover; and, in the taste of some significant dish we love for dinner.

And, it isn’t what we are currently experiencing. It’s all the memories that experience produces. Sometimes those memories are comforting, loving, and have that “good-all-over-fuzzy-feeling” we’ve come to crave. But other times it might initially cause us to become depressed, angry, or have an overall uneasy feeling.

You will go through many feelings today and throughout the rest of your life. A great deal of these provocations will come from social media. When that happens, and you know it will, take a moment to step back. Make sure that your current response is in line with your current consciousness, and not a throw back to a time you don’t need to repeat.

But I still miss my platform shoes … and having hair.

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