How Are Those Resolutions Working Out?

Mid-January Frustrations

Plenty of people write New Year’s Resolutions every December. Many others at least talk about having some, or thinking about having them, or telling people how guilty they feel for not having them.

ARGHHHHHH!!!! (Charlie Brown sound, if you’re not familiar with that…)

January 1st is a great time to let go of stuff that’s not working and embrace new practices which we know (or hope) will benefit us. But the first of the year is not only time to do this. Our birthday, the change of seasons, a wedding anniversary, or any number of other events can be just as meaningful.

Like any decision that comes about with force, coercion, or the need to fit in, New Year’s Resolutions often fail. The gyms are pack with people for the first two weeks of the year, with desperate hopes of taking care of the overindulgence of the holidays. But by the middle of the month, the crowds thin out instead of our mid-sections, leaving only those faithful men and women who know that physical exercise is not a penance for bad behavior, but a necessity for healthy living.

If you are following through on any New Year’s Resolutions you made you have my admiration and good wishes. But if that’s not the case, perhaps this week you’d be willing to identify just one thing you’d like to change.

Start small. Make it something you know you can do. Then, as you gain more confidence, start trying new ideas and practices you want to begin.

Just one caveat:  Do it for YOU!

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