This is Why We Experience Lack

Who Is Your Source?

Ever get your paycheck and think, “W…T…F?!?” (WTF = Where’s the FAITH? What did you think I meant?!?)

With so much going on in our lives we can forget significant events. Situations like forgetting about an advance on our salary, a deduction for a loan payment or savings transfer, or that we took off personal (unpaid) time can drastically reduce the funds we expected.

Our initial shock or fury is a normal response to an abnormal situation. Logically we know that our next paycheck will be what we expect. But emotionally, particularly if we have other stuff going on, this can be a real setback … but only if we allow it to be so.

Every spiritual mind treatment (or affirmative prayer) begins with a recognition that there is only one source. That source is what we most commonly call God, but Divine Intelligence, Universal Wisdom, Eternal Love, or any number of other terms work … “Fred” works, but that’s for another blog.

Whatever you call “It,” that power is greater than us, and yet we know we are surrounded by and permeated by that all-powerful presence. Even if you are an atheist or agnostic, this concept still works; you, of all people, believe that there’s no point in believing there is anything outside of yourself. It’s all you. Though this is not the standard way most religions teach the God concept, it’s exactly the metaphysical concept that sits firmly at the foundation of almost all religions and philosophies.

Our job is not our source. Neither is our spouse, our trust fund, our credit cards, nor our Aunt Tilly, if you have one of those marvelous relatives that send money at regular intervals. (If you have one, BTW, do give her my address!)

WE are our source. WE are the power behind our lives and WE have the responsibility to direct that power in amazing and quite natural ways of enriching our lives and those of others around us.

Get to work on that! You are a magnificent individualization of a power greater than anyone on earth can conceive of with our somewhat limited human experience. USE all that power – whatever you call It – to show off in your life today. Amaze us! Thrill us! Teach us the prosperity of empowered, directed thinking!

(Uh, excuse me? What are you waiting for?…)

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