Don’t Settle!

Is Settling Such a Bad Thing?

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Why should you settle for less than you know you want? One of the major teachings that stood out in my original training in the Science of Mind® philosophy was that we don’t have to settle for less than we want. New information on this subject, however, has provided a different perspective.

The conversation on settling came out of another discussion I recently wrote about. That topic was that being content doesn’t necessarily indicate one is being complacent. In the traditional experience of settling, we are faced with accepting something that is less than we desired. Is this the equivalent of “New Thought heresy?”

I think not. In accepting our situation, or the actions/personality of another person, we might be agreeing to live in a way that didn’t originally fit our pictures. That doesn’t mean we aren’t enjoying some form of the end result we set out to achieve. (Also, acceptance does not mean approval – but that’s for next week’s blog!)

There is no cut-and-dry explanation or litmus test we can give to this issue. I’m perfect content sitting out in the gazebo with a nice cup of tea and curled up with a good book. I am not happy in the sense of being ecstatic and hopping-up-and-down-excited about going to the amusement park as I was when a child. But I’m most definitely content and happy!

What if I want that experience and want someone with whom to share that special experience … but I don’t get that? If I settle for doing what I want alone but keep the thought that being alone wasn’t what I wanted, then I’m living in lack. I’m not going to have a very good time. Conversely, if I enjoy my tea and book fully, settling for being alone, I can still have a great afternoon.

What are your thoughts? The blog this week is not to provide an answer – as this would be different for each of us, and for each situation. Rather, I hope you’ll use this to stir up your thinking about your own life. Have you settled in some area of your life? Does that upset you? Or, are you quite satisfied with what you have “for now?”

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