Three Words to Avoid

How Being Right is Destroying Our Planet

When was the last time you did an “ego check?” You may not be familiar with the term, but I’ll bet you’ve heard this one:  “You’re cutting off your nose to spite your face.”

No one would really do that, but it gets the point across. In other words, just to be right we’d endure pain and suffering. We may be maimed, but gall dern it, we’re RIGHT!

Therein lies the problem. Too many people today have an overwhelming and all-consuming desire to be right. It’s not fashionable to admit we’re wrong, even when we know we aren’t right. Conceding we made a mistake may be seen as a sign of weakness, when in fact that act is a sign of security and strength. No one – not anyone – is right all the time.

There are three words that make this problem worse; two of them are major signs in counseling indicating there’s a problem needing to be addressed. Those words are always and never. Nothing, except universal law or Spirit, is always and never. That energy is always available to us, and never farther away than our recognition of it.

When a person uses either or both of those words frequently it indicates psychologically that s/he might be insecure about their abilities, or unsure of their station in life. It’s also a sign of judgment:  “He always forgets our anniversary, but I never do.” No matter how much we want consistency in ourselves and others there will times when exceptions must be considered.

As difficult as these two words can make our lives there is yet another one that has caused even more grief, and many major conflicts or wars. It is on a billboard near my home:

Jesus is the only path to finding God.

Only harkens back to that “there’s one way to do this and it’s my way.” The Science of Mind® philosophy I teach and live by is unusual in its application. Practicing the principles in which we believe doesn’t require adherence to a book of rules, dogma, or the necessity to believe in one path. We look for commonalities in all beliefs, calling those similarities the golden thread of truth. There can be no peace with only.

Indigenous people have been forced to change their customs, religion, and clothing by Christian conquerors because of only. But Christendom is joined in some way by most other religions and ideologies. Such actions continue today as religious majorities and political systems persecute or annihilate people of religious minorities and conflicting ideals.

Changing the recalcitrant attitude of the fearful people and weak leaders of the world who demand only, always, and never is not a one-person job. I invite you to take a day to hear how many times you use these words. No judgment; just observation.

Eliminate them as much as possible from your speech and thought process. Together we can create a planet of peace, cooperation, and harmony. Let only, always, and never be red-flags to guide you away from any need to be right all the time, and gently toward the joy of being happy.

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