Why You MUST Be Heard

Finding Your Voice

Do you know what your “voice” is? We might first think of the sounds we make coming out of our mouths, but our true voice is more than that.

Much can be told about us when we speak. Do we speak loudly, with aggression in our tone, bullying everyone around us? Are the words we utter barely audible because we speak so quietly, doing so with the greatest of timidity and fear?

Our patriarchal societies applaud the loud, aggressive, and unemotional heterosexual male, but look with distain or even disgust when a woman or gay man seeks to exert authority or control. A straight male CEO will be congratulated on being a real bastard in the board room. But let a female film producer demand perfection and she’s regarded as a bitchy ball-buster.

No. It’s not fair. Thankfully society continues to change, though far from as quickly as many of us would like it. We must be aware that those ideas and attitudes have been engrained in us from childhood and perpetuated in the media. We must acknowledge this so we don’t buy into the hype.

It’s our job to be powerful and empowering leaders in all we do by speaking from the core of who we are. That is the result of finding our voice. When we are in alignment with our highest spiritual truth – the essence of who we are as a unique individual – we don’t have to prove anything to anyone. We are secure in our own decisions, our own direction, and our own ideas. Here’s what Ernest Holmes wrote about your voice:

We believe in the incarnation of the Spirit in everyone and that
all people are incarnations of the One Spirit.

In other words, our word is the Word of God. We have the power of the universe at our disposal, but we must take measures to use it. By doing so we can be challenged without fear.

When we are challenged our inner strength allows us to stand firm in our highest spiritual truth. Our beliefs can be tested. And, at the same time, we are not so ego-driven and proud to think we cannot learn things from others, nor do we always have to be right.

Who are you? What do you stand for? What is your vision of life and the mission by which you carry it out? This is not what your mother wants, or society, or your boss or your lover. Answer these questions from the core of your being and then use your voice. Remember, we are discussing this topic and others through the button below. There are also daily encouragements and discussion on the Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation’s Facebook page. Join me there!

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