All Stop!

When Life Comes Screeching to a Halt

Remember when the captains of the various Enterprise vessels on StarTrek ordered, “All stop?” The ship came to a complete stop. Engines were shut down. The crew wasn’t going anywhere.

Every so often life has an “all stop” for us. Last week we saw that with Hurricane Florence. Very few people living in the Carolinas were concerned about their favorite TV show, what was happening in their relationship or what outfit to wear. Only hurricane preparedness mattered. Keeping themselves and their loved ones safe was the sole focus.

Events such as the death of a loved one, the breakup of a relationship or health issues can cause our everyday lives to come to a grinding halt. But it’s not just disasters or unhappy events that trigger an all stop for us.

Completions – sad or joyful – can leave us feeling empty, lost and confused. Finishing long years of study and earning a degree; the birth of a child or having a child leave the nest; landing our perfect job; getting married; or, retiring from a life-long career can have just as much impact emotionally as natural disasters, though admittedly on a much more personal and isolated level.

What any of these situations – and more you’ve probably thought of or experienced – give us the opportunity to pause. We are forced to reevaluate our priorities. Each of these examples might be ways we could lose the very thing we’ve identified with for so long.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell you any of these things are a “perfect opportunity,” “a blessing in disguise,” “a perfect time to count your blessings,” and certainly not, “God’s will for you.”

We must recognize and honor – not tritely dismiss – our emotions and emotional reactions. If you find yourself in such a situation do not try to figure it out. Explanations, divine signs, portents of Biblical proportions, and the heralding of angels’ trumpets may show up eventually. Not to worry about that, though. Find comfort where you can right then.

Reach out for support if you want it. If things are still going downhill in a few days or weeks, then reach out for support because you need it, whether you know it or not. The main key is to be gentle with yourself. When our faith is being tested we must find ways to strengthen the faith we have, or find some if we feel it’s lacking.

The next time you have an “all stop” moment, take time to acknowledge it. If you feel you lack the faith you need please feel free to borrow some of mine. I believe you have what it takes to move through and beyond any obstacle. Please click here to let me know how I can support you.

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