Can YOU Reach Across the Aisle?

Compromise is Not Defeat

We lost a unique and well-known leader this week. Senator and Vietnam veteran John McCain died last Saturday. Even in death, the one Washington has called “The Maverick” for decades, did it his own way. He voluntarily discontinued treatment for his brain cancer and died with dignity, his loved ones by his side. He took charge.

Senator McCain and I belong to different political parties, yet our ideologies meshed on many topics. Some if not most of these issues are ones that are supported by the Science of Mind® philosophy and its founder, Dr. Ernest S. Holmes.

One of those principles is that of compromise through sincere communication. It’s the idea of listening to understand, not primarily to be understood. Another is being willing to admit we made a mistake, as McCain recently did when referring to choosing Sarah Palin as a running mate.

Yet another quality is being able to speak the truth, even if that truth is diametrically opposed to that of our friends, or in McCain’s case, his political party. We’re used to Democrats speaking out against the gridlocked Congress. But on the Senate floor McCain, a Republican, eloquently expressed his disgust with the lack of cooperation in Congress. To the chagrin of his fellow Republicans he decried the partisan actions that have caused our senators to get little if anything done.

It’s not weak to admit we screwed up. It’s not unmanly or showing lack of leadership to work collectively with others, especially those with different beliefs and agendas. It’s not a sin to admit we need help; that we can be guided by others.

Those are not popular ideas with totalitarian, authoritative, and misogynistic leaders. The result of those misguided and selfish individuals has been to open the way to discrimination, bigotry, hatred, and damage to our beautiful planet. They have used their offices to give license, approval, and support to racists, the selfish, and those who revel in doing harm.

But you already know this. Most of the people you know already know this. The question is what we are going to do about it. This isn’t about voting in November (which I hope you will if you are in the U.S.), or joining a resistance party, or sharing endless, repetitive social media postings of what we already know to be happening.

So, what ARE we going to do about it? We need to take the admirable traits of Senator John McCain to heart. Where in our lives are we supporting gridlock? Where have we refused to admit our mistakes or foibles? Who do we need to forgive? And, who do we need to approach to be forgiven?

These are not easy questions, but I encourage you to ask yourself and answer them honestly. Following through and taking action is not a piece of cake either, but the times in which we are living should be evidence enough for all of us to shit or get off the pot.

Complainers only support the idea of being a victim and having no hope. Take action for what you desire in your life. Empower yourself by knowing there is a power within you that you can use, direct, and that will smooth your path ahead. It’s your choice:  victim or leader. Considering those options, it’s not a hard choice, is it? Choose wisely.

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