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Are You Feeling Stuck?

Have you felt recently like every time you take two steps forward you end up taking three steps back? Grandma Esther used to say, “Sometimes you just can win for losin’.”

It seems that feeling is going around like a bad summer cold. If not right now, perhaps you’ve experienced this in the past. It can feel like our feet are stuck in wet cement or as if we’re slowly sinking in quicksand.

This situation is one in which we must draw on our inner strength. It’s the reason behind the phrase, “Being prayed up.” When we are consistent – daily – in our prayers, treatments, meditation, and spiritual work is like putting money aside in a savings account. When we need the funds for an unexpected situation the money is there to draw on. That’s what being prayed up is like. No matter what comes up in our lives we have a reserve upon which to draw on for strength.

Consistency is one of the keys to any successful venture. That applies to business accomplishments, of course, but is just as applicable to relationships, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, or the goals and dreams we want to see come to fruition.

True, once we put our desires out into the universe for manifestation there are spiritual laws put into motion for our benefit. But we still must do our part. We can’t just sit around and wait for it to drop in our lap. Most people miss the boat because they never get off their butt to drive down to the dock.

Over on the Facebook page for Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation, you’ll find daily “vlogs” (video logs) of positive thoughts and a daily spiritual mind treatment produced by the Foundation. You can also find addition videos on my YouTube channel. And, by clicking to comment below you’ll be taken to my blog page website that offers encouragement and insight from nearly 350 blogs on over 100 topics.

Whatever the case, I hope that in some way this blog – as well as other communications you received from me – is of help on your path to happiness and success. I’m no guru and I certainly don’t have all the answers. But it’s my intention to be transparent to my subscribers and readers in sharing both my successes and disappointments, because we are all, myself included, a work in progress.

We are so very much more than these bodies we look at in the mirror. We are dynamic spiritual beings having a spiritual experience on the human plane. We incarnated here on this planet, at this time in human history, for a reason. Together, if we are all willing to explore and use our gifts, we’ll continue to grow, prosper, and experience much more of what we individually seek.


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