3 Reasons Why We Aren’t Content

Are You Content or Complacent?

Have you noticed it seems the entire world is ticked off about something? We have become intimately involved with people, places, and events that have little or nothing to do with us, our families, or our hopes, dreams, and visions. In the process, we neglect what’s important in our own lives in favor of getting agitated over situations which, in far too many cases, we can do little or nothing about.

Add to this are targeted, marketing ploys created by algorithms most of us can’t even fathom. As soon as we open a social media account we are bombarded with articles and possible purchases we’d never even considered.

The Internet has made our lives so very different than they were even five years ago. But social media has become a way of decreasing our peace of mind … IF we allow it to do so. New Thought teachers and gurus have assisted in this regard over the years. There have been those who chose manifestation as the goal over an internal spirituality; the latter will not only guarantee our manifestations of all kinds but will also provide something we often lack:  Contentment.

Those who still believe manifestations are the end all of end alls can never be truly content. Why? Because that mindset has us constantly striving to better ourselves at the expense of the joys are already present. We might even be accused of being complacent if we aren’t constantly striving for the next thing, which in turn can cause us to question the joys, love, and peace we already possess.

To better oneself is a noble and positive act. It must, however, be tempered with the mindfulness of appreciating the relationships we already have, the home we’ve created, the bodies in which we reside, and the choices we’ve made for our lives.

We may very well want to move beyond where we are. But without appreciating what we already have and expressing our gratitude daily any new manifestations will be empty, devoid of lasting peace; and, it will cause us to repeat the hamster-wheel of getting the next better, bigger, shinier person, place, or thing.

Here are three ways we sabotage our contentment:

Succumbing to marketing ploys
Failing to appreciate what we have
Fearing a future that may never come

Are you wondering where this is coming from? The material for this week’s blog came from what was a very simple conversation with a dear friend. When I told her I was “content,” she responded, “But I want you to be happy, not just content.”

As a society we’ve come to view being content as synonymous with being complacent, without drive for the future or wanting a change in our lives. There’s an insinuation we have “settled.” Nothing could be further from the truth in either case. We each need to identify what contentment is for us – the same is true for our conception of success.

Over the next few days take time to focus on where you experience contentment in your life. Rejoice and celebrate those areas. You’ll find that when you are genuinely content happiness can’t help being there, too. Oh, and put down your phone, hug someone, and have a great talk – you know, with words you actually speak out loud that they can hear!


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