Have You Just About Had It?

How are you currently handling the barrage of media information? I lived through the Ronald Reagan years in California when President Reagan was governor of that state, as well as remembering his presidency. Suffice it to say I have a pretty good idea of what it was like to watch an actor turn politician; I took notice of Arnold as well!

My original concerns about our current administration in the White House have exceeded my worst fears. I had no idea the current administration was going to be a badly-written reality show on steroids. We are watching white supremacists and Nazi lovers decimate eight years of environmental and human rights legislation and policy. Meanwhile, those who would like us to believe they are true Christians are rallying around a man whose actions, both currently and in the past, should horrify even the marginal Christian.

Coupled with this is the new anti-American sentiments and disgust from our allies abroad. There is no way any country in the world can make it on its own in a global economy, yet the leader of the most powerful nation in the world believes differently. By the time the results of all his actions are felt by those who support him the most reverently, he’ll be out of office. But even now his Executive Order to allow corporations to again dump chemicals and heavy metals into the rivers is already causing pollution and heartache for the indigenous tribes in those areas.

Does this make you feel angry, or hopeless? There are many of us who have been fighting racism, bigotry, and hatred for decades. That part is nothing new, but the intensity and outrageous audacity of the way in which the privileged are going about it is epic. Still …  resisting and opposing the destruction of our nation and planet by deniers of scientific fact and common decency is, frankly, exhausting.

How can we deal with this? Yesterday, in honor of the Wiccan sabbat of Midsummer (known also as the Summer Solstice), I took an entire day off. I spent time in the woods, had a lovely encounter with a young buck (yes, I mean a DEER … I’m into men, not boys), and, most importantly, stayed away from social media and the news.

One caveat here, however:  PLAN to do this. I don’t mean what you’re going to do or where you’re going to go, which you will, of course. I mean plan how you’re going to survive without your mobile device! This isn’t about being addicted to your cell phone. This is about practicality. My memories of that deer are only in my mind; I don’t own a camera as my mobile device has a better photo app than I’ve ever had in a camera. I couldn’t time my writing exercise; my timer is in my phone. And, I won’t go into the experience of finding my way OUT of the state park I was in without a GPS. So, a word to the wise, figure these things out first!

I highly recommend that you schedule a day like this – or even an afternoon – in the very near future. Unfortunately, our life situation and the preservation of our planet does not allow for us to be out of touch with the world situation for months at a time, nor should we necessarily want to be. More than ever before, issues today are of monumental importance. The damage being done is already affecting us and will be felt for generations to come.

But we do need down time to rejuvenate our minds and souls; to remember what we stand for; to recall what we are about and what we are promoting in a world that is resisting everything; and, perhaps most importantly, find compassion for our worst enemies and most vocal critics, as we act as living examples of that which we desire. Yes, we must refuse to accept inhuman, deadly, and immoral behavior. Let’s just not become that which we #resist. Take some “you time” soon.

Terry is an award-winning author, speaker, and licensed social worker. Read his weekly blog at:  blog.terrydrewkaranen.com and on Facebook. He is also the director of Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation (spiritmindbodyfoundation.org).

Photo credit: Photographer Louise Hill

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