Going to Hell?

One Moment. Recalculating.

Dontcha love it when your GPS app catches that you’ve made a wrong turn and immediately recalculates your direction to get you back on the right track? Dontcha wish life was that way?

It is! Spiritual mind treatment, or affirmative prayer, is like a spiritual GPS system. It immediately fixes our stinkin’ thinkin’ and gets us back on track.

For example …

I hope to God (no pun intended) that the spiritual community you grew up in didn’t teach you being poor was a sign of being pious. Sadly, that’s exactly what might have been drilled into you.

There’s a historical basis to why this idea is still prevalent. It goes back to the Dark Ages. The landholders and the Church figured out how to get rich while keeping the peasants quiet. The uneducated masses paid high tax to the royals to keep them safe in this life. The Church, conversely, fleeced them just as royally with the promise of a “greater later.”

There’s nothing wrong with having possessions, accumulating wealth, or living better than paycheck-to-paycheck. Here’s what Ernest Holmes said about this in his writing, “The Great Surrender:”

So even in teaching us that we must surrender something, [Jesus] he was not telling us that we should live in poverty or limitation.

No. He was not. Jesus the Great Teacher taught his followers to ask and it would be given to them; to seek and they would find it; and, to knock and the closed doors would be opened to them. Ask – Seek – Knock. In English the first three letters of those words spell, “ASK.”

If you are Christian or Jewish the holy books in which you believe are filled with such admonition. One scripture in the Hebrew Scriptures speaks of God telling his chosen people that if they would just ask it would be given to them, pressed down, and over-flowing.

Is that the Divine Presence in which you believe? I hope so. We live in an abundant, prosperous universe, or as New Thought teacher Emma Curtis Hopkins once wrote, “There’s good out there and I ought to have it.”

True, there is plenty of lack all around and poverty that is unimaginable to most of the people reading this blog. However, that doesn’t mean the existence or acknowledgment of a problem has to mean we accept it as the Truth.

No matter where you land on the spectrum of prosperity there are two things that will assure your current and future success, as well as bring you peace of mind. Be grateful, first, for everything you have. Second, stop looking at what you don’t have (or what others do), and start where you’re at to build the life you want.

Need help? Contact me and we’ll treat about it – meaning we’ll acknowledge whatever is going on and know the Truth about it through spiritual mind treatment. It’s the easiest way I know for getting out of hell and back to heaven.

You’ve tried hell. Ready for something a little more pleasant?

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,

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