When Abundance Becomes Clutter

What is your personal idea of abundance? First-world thinking about this is far different than what we find in third-world countries. More technologically-advanced countries tend to allow marketing and advertising to dictate what abundance means, while less-developed areas find joy in a simpler life-style.

We don’t have to fall into the corporate trap of “more is better.” Magazines, for example, abound on store shelves claiming the best way to lose weight or gain muscle. The vast majority of these articles have nothing to do with reality or scientific fact. What they do have is a sincere and dynamic desire on the part of the publishers to sell magazines.

Similarly, we are bombarded by ads on TV and now even on our mobile devices. Once again, these ads are devised to get us to buy products, even if the purchase is clouded in the reasoning that doing so will somehow better our lives or pocketbooks.

As the animals in the northern hemisphere prepare for winter we observe frantic gathering around us. How closely do we reflect this frenetic activity in the accumulations of possessions?  There’s nothing wrong with having our stuff. Our stuff, whatever that stuff is, is fun! We live on the human plane; that means we get to play with all the material things that give us joy.

But at some point the stuff is all just … well … STUFF! This is the perfect time of the year to wind down and see exactly what it is we want to take through the winter with us into a new year.cluter

Look around at just one area of your life. That can be your desk, maybe a closet or a whole room. Whatever you choose, make it manageable so as to not overwhelm yourself. There’s an old metaphysical saying that the Universe abhors a vacuum. In other words, the Universe will fill the space if we make it available.

The problem is no two things can occupy the same space at the same time. If we are to experience more abundance and joy in our lives we must make time and space for those things. The clutter we see around us is gunk and clogs up the flow of our prosperity. Take some time to de-gunk your life – the blessings we receive in return are amazing!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


Terry Drew Karanen © 2016

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