Would You Like to Prosper in Life?

Theme for the Week of April 25:
Kinship With All Life

Affirmation:  We see a world in which kinship with all life prospers.

 Would You Like to Prosper in Life?

Do you believe we still live in a “dog-eat-dog” world? When media feeding frenzies highlight what’s wrong on our planet it could leave us to agree. And, many businesses are still operating with the model that there’s only room for one at the top.

This week in our daily discussions over at the Facebook® page for Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation we’ll be looking again at our unity with all life, but also how we can participate in the prosperity of all concerned.

How prospering looks for each of us is an individual determination. Just as prosperity is not all about money, prospering is not necessarily the ideal set out for us in the media through advertising and marketing. For some of us, prospering in life can be as simple as being content with what we have.


This is not meant to infer that we should become complacent in life. Contentment and complacency are two different things – yet another topic we’ll look at this week! What we focus on increases; this is a basic universal law. Therefore, if we are constantly complaining about our body image, our relationships, our job or our bank account, what do you think is increasing? All the things we don’t want!

Join me this week in a further examination of the unity of all life, the kinship we hold with creatures like us and those dissimilar, how we can prosper through contentment and how we can actively partner in a prospering life for all.

Yes, it’s going to be quite a week!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


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