Powerful Healing

Theme for the month of April
The Global Vision:  Kinship With All Life

Theme for the week of April 4:
Place No Limit On Principle

We believe in healing through the power of this Mind.”
– Ernest Holmes

Did you know that some people won’t pray for the “little things,” because they’re afraid they’ll bother God? “God’s got bigger problems to deal with than my bad back, relationship issues, etc.” Seriously?

Divine Mind or Universal Intelligence, other terms for God – that power that is greater than us, but which we exist through – doesn’t have time management issues! If such an intelligence and power could both conceive of our universe (and countless others, no doubt) AND continue to see that creation expand without end, don’tcha think It can handle it?!?

We believe in a power greater than us that, through us, heals all that we perceive needs healing. We pray affirmatively, with power and conviction, to adjust our consciousness and know the truth of our being.07A

That truth is that we are one with all living things around us. We are intricately and eternally connected to the planet upon which we live and the ground on which we stand, as well as the water and air that give us life.

This week on the Facebook® page for Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation we’ll be discussing healing, the interconnectedness of life and how we can more perfectly align with the energies around us. That may sound more like a nine-week course, but we’re going to give it a shot anyway!

It’ll be fun to push ourselves, challenge our misconceptions about this divine power at our disposal and, yes, participate in the healing of ourselves, others and our beautiful planet. Come play with us!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


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