Will You Accept or Except?

Theme for the Week of March 28:
Identify Yourself With What You Want

Affirmation:  We see a world in which individuals rediscover their personal power to create an individual life that works within a life
that works for everyone.

Do you see yourself accepting something before you physically have it in your possession? Or, do you wish you had something, but don’t see how it’s possible to have it? Why do we disbelieve we can acquire the very things we desire?

Actually, there are number of reasons. Here’s just a few; they are all based on “I’d have/do that, except … “

  • … I don’t deserve it.
  • … I haven’t worked hard enough for it.
  • … other people will think I’m trying to show off.
  • … our family just doesn’t do that.
  • … only rich people can afford that.
  • … I’m too old to be thinking I could pull that off.

The list continues and you probably have at least of few of your own. I do! But here’s a favorite quote by Richard Bach from his book, “Illusions,” that always brings me back to the Truth:

28A - Argue for Limitations

It’s absolutely amazing just how hard we can fight for our limitations, isn’t it? The universe can only respond to what we believe, not just what we say. If someone says they want to get married, but turns around and spouts off a litany of reasons why that’s not going to happen, where do you think the energy is directed?

If you engage in this sort of self-defeating, self-fulling prophesying about your inability to have a life worth living then do yourself and everyone around you a favor:  Just don’t bother wanting anything. Just give up. That’s right. GIVE UP!

Do those comments upset you? Good. They’re meant to jar us out of a victim consciousness to an attitude of gratitude, acceptance and empowerment. We can all benefit in some area of our lives by deciding to be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

This whole week over at the Facebook® page for Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation I’ll be publishing ideas about acceptance. I hope we can further clarify how we can better work with the universe instead of against it. Will you join me?

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


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