Realizing the Power of Mind

Do you ever find yourself knowing something, but just can’t figure out why or how? Do you occasionally or regularly experience some form of intuition that guides you to the perfect solution? Then you understand the power of Mind.29

Not your mind, or my mind, but Mind. This mind is the Mind we all have access to, both universally and individually. You have probably heard it said that we use only a fraction of our minds. There are untapped and amazing powers which we all have access to – we just have to learn how to do it.

Throughout this month both in the weekly blogs and daily editions we’ll be delving into the possibilities we have to change the conditions in our life, our relationships, our bodies, our finances and our careers, to name just a few.

We all have powers we can start using right now. If we are already aware of such abilities we can “up the ante,” so to speak. What does that look like?

Not much if we don’t believe we have the potential. It’s like what I’ve written in the past, You can’t have a relationship with someone’s potential. This includes ourselves as well. We can’t experience and enjoy the untapped powers of our mind if we don’t accept we have the capability to do so.

I offer you the opportunity – a challenge if you prefer – to join with me this month in exploring the power within each of us; to see how you can personally affect change in your life in a greater way than ever before; and, to see more than ever before how changing our thinking, redirecting our focus, can truly change our lives.

The following Mondays in March will help us discover more about the Divine Mind within and daily exercises will be available on the Facebook® page for Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation. See you there and here next week!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


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