Is That Really True?

Theme for the Week of February 1:

Living in Alignment with Truth

We see a world in which people live in alignment with their highest spiritual truth.

How do you know what you read or hear is true? This is probably a good questions for Americans to be asking right now, considering it’s a presidential election year here in the States. There are so many conflicting “facts” that the truth may not be easy to ascertain.

The theme of the week is “Living in Alignment with Truth.” That subject might seem the complete opposite of political agendas, but there actually is a direct correlation between the two. We all grow up with some idea of what spiritual truth is, though we may not call it by that name. The spiritual truth that we are raised with is usually the religion of our parents. Though we may not necessarily believe now what we were taught as a child, the benchmark by which we measure truth in the rest of our lives could be influenced by religious training.

As adults we have come to learn that the church is not always right and spiritual leaders not as perfect as we were taught to believe. Still, the idea that there is a rock-solid truth upon which we can base our life is something we may still seek from the physical world around us.

It is said that we are welcome to construct our own opinions based on whatever facts we choose; we do not, however, get to change the Truth. The real Truth we seek is contained with universal laws that never change. They work for everyone and they work everywhere.

Here’s a great litmus test for vetting any idea or claim that comes along:

  • Is it the truth?
  • Is it really the truth?
  • How do I know it’s the truth?
  • Since it’s the truth, am I willing to base the life of my child or loved one on it?
  • How would my experience be if it wasn’t the truth?

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