Creating Your Perfect Relationship

Are you happy with the relationships in your life? Or, do you crave to have different relationships than the ones you have? There are ways to expand our scope of associations and enrich the ones we already possess. One way is by practicing the concept that we are all truly “one.”

Even with over seven billion people now roaming our planet, we are all basically the same. Yes, our skin or hair vary in tone or color; but none of that matters should we require a blood transfusion as long as the blood types match. We are all the same species. But what has that to do with our daily lives?

If we are one then we understand that what we do affects those around us in more profound ways than ever before. While we have freedom of choice there are also consequences in the form of outcomes or effects precipitated by those choices. Think about in the past how destruction of complex ecosystems has had catastrophic effects not only on a specific area and  beyond; and, far too often in disastrous ways never even considered.

“We see all people,
all beings,
and all life
as expressions of God.”

The same is true for us. For example, we may want more physical affection from a partner; but when that desire is not immediately fulfilled we could become morose or spiteful. Neither reaction promotes a successful move toward bliss! Those ego-based reactions, whether or not we believe it, have an effect on others. Oneness

Would we treat ourselves the same way? If we split a fingernail or cut ourselves shaving would we become so enraged with ourselves that we would cut off a finger or slash our throat without understanding the outcome? Of course not, yet we are far more willing to express our emotions inappropriately (or hold them inside) when others are involved, and then later wonder why we don’t have the peace, love, joy and bliss in our lives.

What would happen this week if you saw everyone with whom you interacted as an extension of yourself? Would the hugs you desire come more easily from another if you initiated a caress or two? How would your experience be with the surly clerk at the store or bank if you treated them as your beloved?

There’s only one planet at present upon which we can live and thrive. By seeking to interact with love and support we make way for the peace and happiness we crave.

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


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