Expressing Life to the Fullest

Theme for the Week of January 25:
Individual Expressions of an Infinite Creator

“This One manifests itself in and through all creation but is not absorbed by its creation.” – Ernest Holmes


How are you expressing life? Your immediate thought might be that of the struggle of life and not feeling that is “expressive.” When we think of people expressing themselves it’s often through art forms like poetry, music, sculpture or painting. But we have our own unique expressions all the time.

How is that? If you’re willing to do so, ask a few friends or co-workers what kind of person they think you are! We might think our constant attention to pointing out what’s wrong should be appreciated for the good we intend it to be; others could see us as an arrogant fault-finder. Perhaps we strive to help people to have a better life; those we think we are helping might view us as meddling.

Our best intentions are not always received with the same energy with which we carry them out, are they? Perhaps part of the confusion lies within our desire to help others without ever thinking of our own needs. We may have been raised to always think of others first, but in doing so we can begin to harbor resentment, experience burnout and find ourselves doing what we think is right or proper, only to feel constantly like something is missing.

If we are not true to our unique self – our individual abilities and life purpose – we become absorbed by the needs and whims of others around us. Spirit (or God, “the One,” or whatever you want to call it) is never absorbed by its creation. Though there is a unity of all life there are unlimited and unique expressions of that one

What is your unique expression of life? There is something you have or something you do that is unique to you and only you. There is an amazing gift wrapped up in this package we call “you.” What are you willing to do to express that gift? How will your gift illuminate the darkness in the world?

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Creating Your Perfect Relationship

Are you happy with the relationships in your life? Or, do you crave to have different relationships than the ones you have? There are ways to expand our scope of associations and enrich the ones we already possess. One way is by practicing the concept that we are all truly “one.”

Even with over seven billion people now roaming our planet, we are all basically the same. Yes, our skin or hair vary in tone or color; but none of that matters should we require a blood transfusion as long as the blood types match. We are all the same species. But what has that to do with our daily lives?

If we are one then we understand that what we do affects those around us in more profound ways than ever before. While we have freedom of choice there are also consequences in the form of outcomes or effects precipitated by those choices. Think about in the past how destruction of complex ecosystems has had catastrophic effects not only on a specific area and  beyond; and, far too often in disastrous ways never even considered.

“We see all people,
all beings,
and all life
as expressions of God.”

The same is true for us. For example, we may want more physical affection from a partner; but when that desire is not immediately fulfilled we could become morose or spiteful. Neither reaction promotes a successful move toward bliss! Those ego-based reactions, whether or not we believe it, have an effect on others. Oneness

Would we treat ourselves the same way? If we split a fingernail or cut ourselves shaving would we become so enraged with ourselves that we would cut off a finger or slash our throat without understanding the outcome? Of course not, yet we are far more willing to express our emotions inappropriately (or hold them inside) when others are involved, and then later wonder why we don’t have the peace, love, joy and bliss in our lives.

What would happen this week if you saw everyone with whom you interacted as an extension of yourself? Would the hugs you desire come more easily from another if you initiated a caress or two? How would your experience be with the surly clerk at the store or bank if you treated them as your beloved?

There’s only one planet at present upon which we can live and thrive. By seeking to interact with love and support we make way for the peace and happiness we crave.

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


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Suffer No More

How is this even possible? We see suffering all around us. But, could suffering be a manifestation of something else?

Like the rest of our lives, what we considering to be suffering is often more about the attitude we have regard any given situation and less about the event or condition. To illustrate, read the two sentences below, both about one singular event:

  • My mother abandoned my father and me when I was three.
  • My mother left my father and me when I was three.

Neither sentence describe a pleasant or necessarily desirable situation. But do you feel the difference between the two reports of that singular event? The former elicits sympathy and perhaps pity; the latter is a statement of fact.

Whenever we review the tragic parts of our past with gusto and more than a little dramatic flair it can mean a number of things:

  • We want to stay stuck in the past
  • We want pity or sympathy
  • We want an excuse for failure or lack
  • We want the payoff for not succeeding (e.g., mom was right, older people can’t get jobs, or the black/gay/overweight/whatever persons are always discriminated against.)


Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. Don’t believe that? Then hold your hand over the flame on a stove and realize it’s pain that informs you that wasn’t such a swift move. It does give one a new respect for what we normally do everything possible to avoid.

Pain is our internal early warning system. Our bodies react with physical, emotional or mental pains of all sorts. They are signals from our bodies, letting us know “sumpin’ jus’ ain’t right!” But how should we react?

We shouldn’t, unless our lives are in danger. The better course is to act, not react. The adult abandoned at birth reacts to that event and grows up refusing to trust anyone, feels less than others and unworthy of love. The adult left at birth by mother rejoices in the loving farther who was there or acknowledges the personal voracity it took to overcome what others consider the unthinkable.

Ernest Holmes wrote,

“The world is beginning to realize that it has learned all
it should through suffering and pain.”

While the complete elimination of pain seems unlikely, we can choose to change our thinking about the pain or tragedies that affect us, our loved ones, or our planet and Her children, our fellow human beings.

Are you currently suffering over something happening in your life right now, or with regard to someone you love? Haven’t you suffered long enough? Are you ready to try something else?

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The Global Vision

Are you ready for 2016? The New Year, like a lot of situations in our lives, is here – ready or not!

I’m totally jazzed about 2016, particularly from the aspect of the weekly blogs I send to you! Today is the first of 52 Monday morning blogs on the many aspects of one very special idea:


I can imagine you might be having numerous reactions to such a statement – I know I did when it was first presented to me early in 2015. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey I’m laying out for you over the coming months. Think of it as my first online course and YOU get to be one of the first participants!

You’re not alone either. Over 100 other spiritual communities worldwide who are members of Centers for Spiritual Living will be participating in their own groups as well. As the year unfolds I’ll be referencing videos and writings of other New Thought leaders in the coming weeks so that you will be able go further in depth with various subjects should you desire to do so. Now you see why I’m so jazzed!

This week’s topic is:

We envision a world that works for everyone and for all of creation.

The first thought that comes to mind for most people is, “But what about…?” It’s a good question and an issue I want to address right at the beginning of this 52-part series we are beginning today. Here’s the way any good vision statement works:  If whatever we are considering doesn’t fit the vision, then we don’t do it. End of discussion, unless someone can come up with a way of going forward without violating the vision.

How would you envision a world like the one described in this week’s topic? What questions come up for you? What objections arise in your own mind?

If you’d like to join the discussion, please make a comment below. Let’s share some ideas. Let’s debate the possibilities. Let’s begin creating a world that works for everyone and for all creation by using the comment section each week to build a community of like-minded people who want to at least consider such a grand and ultimately amazing idea! Join me? Comment below!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,