Being Happy

Do you want to be happy? The answer to that probably seems like a no-brainer, but what will it take for that to be a regular occurrence in your life if it isn’t already?

Many people think that money will make them happy. For others it’s the perfect dream mate. Still others want material possessions.

It’s been said repeatedly that money can’t buy happiness, though in some sections of town it can be purchased by the hour, or so I’m told. Money can make us more mobile, but possessing it can also mean we can fear losing it. The same is true for possessions, for everything material changes over time. The new car smell eventually fades.

Have you pined for the perfect man or woman in your life? What specifically is that perfection in someone else that you seek? A good question we can ask ourselves is, Are we being realistic about this perfect person? Can s/he really exist? Perhaps, but if lusting after that nebulous goal has been going on for years then there may be a bigger problem.

That problem is that we don’t really want what we say we want. Huh? It’s true. It’s easier to bitch about what we don’t have than to do what is necessary to have the life we want. Our egos love our “Story.” You know, the tale we repeatedly pull out in conversations that proves we can’t what we claim we want. Our happiness is right up there at the top of the list.

No thing and no one will secure the happiness we seek. In his essays Michel de Montaigne wrote, “Be a crowd unto thyself.” The happiness for which we strive must come from within. Here’s a few thoughts that can help on that path.

  • Know who you are, not what others want you to be.
  • Release fear and embrace faith.
  • Recognize that nothing but change is constant.

One other way to be happy is to stop being miserable. Sure, we all have challenges, problems and occasionally an earth-shattering event that can put us off balance. By staying in gratitude for our blessings and knowing our happiness is assured we will not only change our attitude, but will also draw like-minded people to us.

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In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,



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