Being For Something

Are you against rape, child abuse and racism? I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that you are. None of these three issues in society today, or the many more you might think of, are anything we want to see more of.

Ernest Holmes taught us that our words have an impact on our present and future. Why is that? It’s because our words, verbal or written, give physical, corporeal form to our thoughts. Our thoughts produce feelings and those emotional responses lead to action or reaction.

It could be that it’s easier to be against what appears evil in the world. The reason I say that is that to do something about the situation would require us to have a plan of action or proposed solution. That’s where it gets sticky. We are outraged by injustice, yet have no faith that change can occur.

The Christian scriptures say in Hebrews 11:1 that “Faith is the assured expectations of things hoped for, the reality not yet beheld.” We must have faith in any outcome if we are to be assured of success. Even if we can’t see our way or society’s way out of inconceivable problems, we must believe that an answer exists.

Another basic tenet of the New Thought movement is that what we focus on increases. This is seen repeated in support groups that are more interested in bemoaning the disease or condition than moving through and beyond the problem. It is our focus that is the answers to the injustices we see in the world and in our lives.

In her recent blog, “Always Be For Something:  Putting Power In Perspective,” Madisyn Taylor give us an even more basic reason. Shereminds us that,

It takes much less energy to be FOR something
rather than against something.

The next time you are asked to be against a social issue, take a moment to consider what it really is you are being asked to do. Are you being asked to fight against the issue, thereby assuming there must be a confrontation? Taking the examples at the beginning of this blog, could you advocate, personally or use your dollars, FOR empowerment and respect for women? Or, FOR the empowerment and safety of children? Or, FOR a society that can not only recognize diversity, but celebrate it?

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