Choose the Stream

We have all seen televangelists or motivational speakers. Some of them seem to have the same smile on their face constantly. I find that kind of perennial “happy go lucky” or “everything is just wonderful all the time” attitude incredibly unbelievable. No one is happy all the time.

When we admit that the only constant in the universe is change we also realize that “shift” happens and we are not always going to like it. In the Science of Mind philosophy we do not ignore the facts. Ernest Holmes taught us that our experience is as real as we need it to be.

That does not mean, however, that thinking nice thoughts or spouting trite affirmations will make everything in our world hunky dory. We can be so metaphysically high that we are no earthly good. We chose on some level to be in human form. Because of that fact we must acknowledge the physical part of our being. We then decide just how real we need the physical part to be.zrmanja-waterfall-rafting

Gravity is one of those physical parts. I would love to fly through the air like Superman, but since that is not likely to happen I tend to shy away from the edges of tall buildings and sheer drop-offs. It does not mean I cannot learn to hang-glide or get on an airplane. We learn to change the things we can and accept the things we cannot. One way of doing this is to “go with the flow.”

Something to remember about going with the flow is that dead fish can go with the flow. Aligning ourselves with the universe does not mean we must ride along in life and take what we can get, becoming bruised and bloody from hitting all the rocks while going downstream. Science of Mind teaches us to choose our experience. In this case, we get to choose the stream when we go with the flow.

Will the stream you choose take you to the sewage plant or a sea of opportunity? Will you choose an exciting life by shooting the rapids or the tranquility and safety of a pristine lake? Neither answer is correct. You are empowered to choose any possibility and enjoy the outcome or experience the consequences. As Mike Dooley reminds us, “Thoughts create – choose the good ones!”

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


Weeding Your Garden

Are you clear about what you want in life? We might think we are, but the proof is whether or not our lives are reflecting that belief.

How often have you heard someone say, “If only I’d win the Lottery my financial problems would be over?” Can we win the Lottery? Sure. People do it every day. However, the majority of people don’t win much of anything, except disappointment.weeds-main_2074610b

Believing that our good, financial or otherwise, is “out there” is a consciousness of lack. That may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. There is, however, another way to recognize our good, whatever that is in our way of thinking.

We can look sincerely and appreciatively at what we already have in our life. If we are discouraged or disappointed with what our lives look like the question to ask is this: Am I really all that dissatisfied with my life (or situation), or am I just comparing myself to what I perceive is the success of someone else?

Once we are clear that our lives need to be changed because we want to change them we must step back once again. It’s time to ask if our actions are reflective of what we say we want. Our clarity can easily become muddied when our own doubts of success spur us to actions that are counterproductive.

We can find ourselves busy being busy, instead of working on what we need to get done to get to where we want to be. I haven’t been home a whole lot this month. When I am home I can see my herb garden in the backyard from the second story of our house. I need to get out there and weed the garden. In fact, every time I walk through that room I’m reminded that I need to weed the garden. Not surprisingly, my good intentions haven’t pulled even one weed.

Take time today to get clear on what you want in life. Start with the one area that’s bugging you the most. Decide how you want that situation to change. Then get very, very clear on what your next step would be. For me that would be to get my behind outside the next time I’m home to weed the garden. Just that one, small, 8’ x 12’ patch of earth. Not every garden on our property.

What garden will you weed today?

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,



Give It Up!

Are you a quitter? Do you give up easily? Actually, that might not be a bad thing! Think about these statements:

  • “I give up!”
  • “Oh for heaven’s sake: give – it – up!”
  • “And now, give it up for …”
  • “I gave it up and I feel so much better.”

Do you see how many different ways we can use this simple term? We live in a society that promotes never giving up, no matter what the costs. Think of how many wars might have been avoided or ended sooner in the last 20 years if governments weren’t hell-bent on being “right” and not giving up something that should never have been started in the first place.

At the same time, we don’t want to give up on pursuing our dreams, our goals and our vision … unless they are built on fantasy instead of possibility. If we aren’t careful we can easily be lulled into thinking we can have anything without having a belief system that what we are striving after is even possible.

What this all boils down to is taking the time to take stock of where we are in our lives. What things are we currently pursuing that our spirit is saying we must continue to strive toward? And, conversely, what might we be doing now that amounts to bashing our head against the wall?

If you’re willing to do it, making three lists:

  1. A list of all the goals you have accomplished (blessings)
  2. A list of all the goals you truly desire (vision)
  3. A list of all the goals you are holding onto that no longer serve you (release)

Sit with each thought that comes up. You’ll know immediately on which list it should be written. How? Because you’ll sense the answers within yourself. Do you tense up? Do you feel a sense of dread or despair? Are you overcoming with joy or peace of mind? Can you feel the excitement welling up inside you?

Giving up is not necessarily quitting. Giving up something that no longer serves us is empowering. It also makes room for what you really want to flourish!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


P.S. For more great exercises like this that you can do on your own, check out my new book, “How to Find Your Vision and Get a Life! Using a vision and mission to create a life worth living


Can I Trust You?

Are you a trust worthy person? I’m sure you probably are. I sincerely believe people usually do the right thing when it comes to honesty. But are there trust issues in your life you’ve been ignoring?

When thinking of trust issues I suggest most of us think not of ourselves, but more oftenLying than not a partner, family member or friend who has lied to us in the past. It’s especially hard for some of us, myself included, to re-establish trust when someone I hold dear has lied to me simply because they didn’t want to face the consequences of the truth.

I have a rule in my relationships:  Tell me the truth.

I may very well not like the truth. That’s okay. The upset from me hearing the truth about something I don’t like is miniscule when compared to the nuclear fallout that will occur when I’m lied to … period.

Al Gore’s famous documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” comes to mind. Truth can be darn inconvenient when it reveals our insecurities, our lack of follow-through or a revelation that we lied. Lie to ME and you’ll find out just how inconvenient your life will be. I’ve tried to express this verbally to at least one person in my life on more than one occasion. Perhaps seeing this publicly, in writing, will not only help the person to become crystal clear, but will also help others to see the seriousness of falsehood in their own lives.

How does this all fit into the universe principles that we live by and use daily? If we are untruthful about anything – yes, anything – then that untruth will fester like a splinter in our finger. If it is not removed – by being revealed – it will eventually become ever more painful, while all the time we’ll be wondering why our lives are in the toilet.

Do yourself a favor this week:  Be truthful. If you’ve made a commitment to someone you can no longer keep, speak to them and either re-negotiate the terms or sever the agreement. It may take a clean cut with a sharp knife to get that splinter out. But I’m here to tell you it’s a lot easier than having it sawed on with a serrated blade, which is what it will feel like if you wait. As always,

In Spirit, TRUTH and Playfulness,