Snap Outta It!

Are you longing – even pining – for that one thing that will make everything perfect? Well stop it. It ain’t happening, sugar plum.1370

Forgive me if this week’s blog is a little more “in your face” than normal. It’s meant to be offered in love, but it’s a tougher love than I’m normally known for. As I write this piece I realize there is an area of my life that is not just stagnate, but actually quite dead with apparently no desire for a resurrection.

Jesus doesn’t appear to be rolling away the stone. I’m no longer willing to live as I have and doing without. So if you think my words are too blunt, then know this:  I’m saying them to myself with ten times the power that you are currently reading.

Madisyn Taylor recently wrote in her daily blog (“If Only:  Locating the Underlying Cause,” June 2, 2015),

Often, when we’re unhappy, we fall into the habit of thinking that, if only one or two particular things in our life would change, everything would be fine.

We think we’d love our job if only that unappreciative boss would leave, only she’s here for the duration. We honestly believe that if we had a great partner we’d have self-esteem, but who wants to date someone who doesn’t believe in themselves? We think that if we buy the right car, house, dress, power tools or whatever corporate America is selling this season that we’d be part of the crowd that shows they “made it.”

Here’s the honest truth – we get exactly what we have put into motion. “But you don’t understand! I’m a victim of my circumstances!” If you truly believe that then you have my sincere and loving thoughts, because until you change your attitude you’ll never be more than that. I’ve been playing the victim in one area of my life for too long and it stops today.

There is absolutely no universal law that says we have to be victims, live in poverty, getting used to being lonely, be in a relationship that is cursory at best, or live in a body that seems to be on a self-destruct sequence. We have the power to change whatever is before us if only we will take the steps to do just that.

Is it easy. Hell, no! Simple? Yes, but in my experience frequently not easy. Being totally responsible for the outcomes in our lives and standing guard 24/7 to make sure the thoughts rattling around in our heads equate to what we want (and not what we don’t want) is very difficult at times.

But here’s the payoff. It’s worth it. Take back your power. I’m sure there might be many things in your life for which you are happy and quite satisfied. But almost everyone has something that they want to change, some situation that doesn’t really serve the higher purpose of who they are.

You deserve to have an amazing career or retirement, a loving partner who is as amazing in the kitchen as he is in the bedroom, a safe and secure home, plenty of financial support to live comfortably and a body that allows you to move through life with ease. Whatever needs to change for each of us to have that life is available for everyone.

All we need is the desire to have that life. What do you desire to have, to do and to enjoy? Know now that it is yours and take the steps necessary to see it happen.

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


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