A Dance With Life

Are so excited to get to work that you almost can’t stand it?

Sadly, many people will say “No.” Studies have shown the majority of workers don’t like their jobs .Work is drudgery, paying our dues, a necessity evil.

Geez…if THAT’S the way we think about it no wonder people don’t want to go to work! Would YOU want to go to a party that was going to be miserable? I wouldn’t.

That’s not how work has to be. In my new book coming out soon, “How to Find Your Vision and Get a Life!” there’s a section that refers to a different meaning of the word “work.” I’ve been told that “work” and “worship” come from the same root meaning.

What if our work was a sacred act, like worship? What if what we did for a living was a contemplation of our sacred service to others?

Well … it is!

You may not have thought of it that way, but service to others, no matter how small, is a sacred act. Issues with religious organizations can stand in the way of our recognition of the sacred and beautiful paths we live each day.

Earlier this month Mike Dooley (of tut.com fame) mused about what work would be like if we changed its name to “dance-with-life.” He suggested we might have so much fun being happy, meeting new people and watching the doors of abundance open to us that the sale of lottery tickets could plunge!

It’s not selfish to be happy and enjoy life. What’s selfish is hiding who you are and denying the rest of the world that special gift that only you can give. What’s your gift? Are you willing to dance with life?

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,



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