“The Glitter and the Glue”

I came upon a delightful book in my travels this week. The author is Kelly Corrigan (http://kellycorrigan.com) and her new work is entitled, Glitter and Glue. The book is based on a comment her mother once made. It seems in their family her father was the glitter and her mother was the glue. I knew I had to blog about that.
What a wonderful metaphor! Then I thought about Mardi Gras this week. Talk about glitter! But have you ever seen Bourbon Street in New Orleans on Ash Wednesday morning? It’s not pretty. It is, however, quite an affront to our olfactory and visual abilities. Glitter can make quite the mess. Even on greeting cards, it’s the glue that holds (most) of the glitter in place for our enjoyment.
Whether it’s greeting cards or fantastic costumes at Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Carnival in Rio, there’s an awful lot of structure, fasteners, stitching and, of course, glue that allow us to enjoy the sparkle of pageantry and spectacle. The same is true of our lives. We can’t have the freedom to express our personal glitter in life if we don’t have a firm foundation gluing our consciousness to immutable principles.
Perhaps you can join me in noticing when you are the glitter and when you are the glue as you move through the next few days. Let go of “trying” to be yourself and just “be” your authentic self. Don’t know how to do that? Start with eliminating the judgment you hold on your hopes and dreams. Add to that a willingness to give up the desire to please everyone around you and begin to embrace a higher level of self-care than you’ve experienced before now.
In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


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