Twenty Shopping Days Till Christmas!

Yeah, Dr. T., like we really needed to hear that! Is that what you thought? Did your mind race to the shopping you may have left to do, or decorating that stills needs to be done, or perhaps even last minute travel arrangements to spend time over the holidays with loved ones?
Or, did a totally different scenario arise? You might be one of the people who love the holiday and just can’t wait for Christmas morning. You may be thinking about the joy of spending time surrounded by lights, decorations, festive food and holiday music.
Of course, you might practice a non-Christian tradition or religion that doesn’t include the celebration of Christmas, or an atheist that isn’t about to buy into the commercialism now associated with the supposed birth of a man whose father you don’t believe in.
Sure looks a lot different than a Hallmark commercials these days, doesn’t it? There are two ways to really look at this as far as I can see. One way is to enjoy the spirit of the Christmas season regardless of your personal beliefs about the holiday and endeavor to spread those feelings throughout the coming year. The other is to simply let go of anxiety about the holiday (whether that’s caused by shopping and/or financial concerns, or if you just can’t stomach one more jolly man in a bad Santa costume).
I invite you to decide now to have the rest of the month be the happiest and most magical time you’ve ever experienced. Not because people are saying that’s the way you should feel. But rather because you have the opportunity to do just that 365 days per year. We do not have to be affected by holidays, weather, rude drivers or the actions of politicians. We have the ability to affect change in our lives every day simply by making it our intention to do so.
I think I’m going to go about making this the happiest day in my life, being kind to everyone I meet and know that I am supported by the universe in having an amazing life. What will you make today into, as well as the twenty days left till Christmas?
In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,



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