Taking a Human Holiday

I read a prayer treatment this week in which Rev. George E. Honn, III used an interesting phrase I’d never thought about. He was referring to our lives on this planet and phrased it this way:  “[We are] Spirit taking a human holiday.”
I don’t know about you, but at times my life can feel about as far from a “holiday” as I can imagine. I greatly appreciate the life I have created for myself and find that I am happier today than ever before in my life. Still, there are “days.” Acknowledging our responsibility in setting up events in our lives to play out in response to the choices and decisions we’ve made in the recent or distant past doesn’t mean we have to like the results.
That’s why Rev. George’s statement rung true for me. Life is eternal. There is no past and no future in the universal scheme of things. Past, present and future are linear time concepts we have become accustomed to in our human existence. The eternality of life is not constrained by linear thinking. During those times in our lives that are shall we say “less than stellar,” we can find a certain amount of comfort in knowing that the situation, as well as our time on this planet and in these bodies, is quite temporary…just like a vacation.
In the same way we return home from a physical vacation, so will our consciousness one day return to the awareness of the at-one-ment of our being with all life. However, rather than expect this as some reward for “time served” as a human, we can appreciate the Truth of this eventuality today. We can be confident that our problems, issues, concerns and worries are not the end of the world. They are simply tools to more fully help us understand how powerful we really are.
In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,



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