If someone would come up to you right now and ask, “Do you believe you are a person of integrity,” what would you say? I can’t think of anyone I know who wouldn’t answer “yes.” We might pause a bit (“Is this a trick question?”), or wonder what the reason was behind the query (“Do you know something I don’t?”), but I daresay most of us would proudly answer in the affirmative. We might even add a little high-bustled, righteous indignation into the tone of our answer.
And, we’d be lying.
Okay, maybe YOU wouldn’t, but I would be. I’m out of integrity every day in some way. Yes, I sincerely intend to act with integrity in all my dealings with others. When I am told something in confidence I accept that I am honor-bound to keep that information private. But there have been times in my life in which I’ve been guilty of letting something slip that I shouldn’t have.
Like I said, I’m sure you don’t have similar experiences in your life, right? I didn’t think so. Therefore, allow me to further confess my shortcomings to you. I’ve been actively doing my best to live in integrity for many years. What I’ve discovered about keeping my word and my commitments is something I find interesting. It seems I can keep my promises and act in integrity toward others far better than I do in keeping the commitments I make to myself.
Why is that? I believe it goes back to a Judeo-Christian belief of doing for others before me. In fact, as I become more aware of taking better care of myself I find there can be just a twinge, maybe a little more than a twinge at times, of guilt that I’m asserting myself for my own spiritual, mental, emotional or physical health. Also interesting is that the more I act in integrity the less guilt I feel. No, it isn’t just because I’m doing the right thing, though that’s part of it. This feeling occurs when we act from a foundation of truth and love, not from a base of spite, anger or sense of entitlement at the expense of others.
Living life to the fullest is an inside job. Please take care of yourself. There is no person, place, thing or organization that is going to wave a magick wand to “fix” your life. We are each and every one of us experiencing exactly the life we have created. If you are happy with your life then enjoy every second. If what you see in front of you is no longer desirable, consider taking a close look at what part integrity plays in your life. We may not like what we see. But if we accept that we had the power to create our own experience we also have the power to change that same experience.
When we are true to ourselves being true to others is far more natural. Give it a shot this week. Be true to yourself. Be authentic. Be YOU – there’s only one of you. That person is special, unique and precious. The rest of us are waiting with earnest anticipation to experience the wondrous person you have been hiding!
In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,



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