“It’s All Good!”

When we take responsibility for our life, I mean ALL of our life, we can easily slip into judging ourselves or wondering why we caused the current hot mess we’ve once again gotten ourselves stuck in. That’s when one of our well-meaning friends may say, “Don’t worry about it. It’s all good!”
Seriously? It’s all “good?” Tell that to the person who’s just been raped. Tell that to the person whose son has just been killed by a drunk driver. Tell that to the child whose beloved pet has just died. It’s not kind, it’s not loving and beyond that IT IS NOT TRUE! This kind of “everything is just wonderful” is what I call “pink cloud metaphysics.” Basically the person is so damn metaphysically high they are no earthly good to themselves or anyone else.
The co-founder of the Unity movement, Myrtle Fillmore, was told by doctors there was nothing to be done for her and she would die from her illness. But Myrtle heard a lecture on the power of prayer and how changing her thinking could impact her life. She began to study metaphysical principles in earnest, absorbing all she could read. She spent over two years sitting in a chair every day until she was well. She prayed and talked to Jesus, whom she visualized across from her in the empty chair. She lived many, many more years, much to the surprise of her doctors.
Now, if her condition, tuberculosis, was “all good” then why didn’t she just accept it and die like she was expected to? Today why do we treat or pray for anything if “it’s all good?” Why don’t WE just accept the disease, tragedy or problem as the way things are and go on the best we can?
That’s because it really isn’t “all good.” It never has been. Sure, somewhere down the road we often find a blessing in the most awful circumstances, or see how something good came out of loss. But the situation isn’t “good” or “bad” and this is why:  It simply “is.”
We decide what is bad and good in our lives. Situations are simply there and then we label them. Some people seem to think that making everything “good” will make it all better. It doesn’t. It ignores the pain we are going through. It relegates our feelings to being wrong. It does, however, accomplish one thing. It allows the person saying it to ignore the facts and maintain some kind of holier-than-thou attitude because they think this makes them spiritual.
Ernest Holmes never allowed the facts to outweigh the Truth of any situation. When we say “It’s all good” what we are really saying is, “I don’t want to face the facts” or “I don’t know how to fix this.” When painful situations occur our job is to lovingly support the person through the experience, or allow ourselves to be supported. Rather than having a plastered-on Cheshire Cat grin, why not simply ask the person how we can support them? There is nothing for us to fix anyway. We are here to love one another and know the Truth. That Truth states that we can change our experience should we choose to do so.
In Religious Science we do not deny the condition. We acknowledge the situation, deny the necessity of it to continueand move to the Truth and healing. Ignoring the facts doesn’t make them go away, but neither does dwelling on them. In Truth, as Dr. Holmes once said, there is really nothing to be healed, only something to be revealed. Allow Spirit to move through you and reveal the Truth of whatever situation is currently vexing you. Then, in assured expectation, know that you are at peace. If you find you can use some assistance, please contact the Center. Our newly licensed practitioner, Sharri Johnson (Grandma Sharri) and I will be happy to support you through spiritual mind treatment!
In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,



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