What’s Possible?


What’s Possible?
It’s easy to get bogged down in details. In fact, just fretting over how we will achieve a goal can be a stumbling block to success.  With an uncertain job situation it’s hard to figure out how we can afford to pay all our bills, let alone consider taking a luxury vacation. The same is true for our relationships. The single parent may feel he’s unable to date. A person in a city can often feel even more alone than someone living in a rural area. Finding a mate, to either of those people, can feel hopeless, since they both may wonder how they will ever find someone with whom to share their lives.
My late friend, the Reverend Helen Street, often reminded me that when we pray we are communing with Divine Intelligence, not “Big Dummy in the Sky!” Do we really think our problems or challenges are so special that we, out of all the billions of people alive today and those who have moved on, have the one issue God can’t figure out? Seriously?
We who live the paths of Unity or Religious Science know our reliance on and practice of prayer is evidence of our faith. There is perhaps one simple fact why some prayers are answered and others are not:  faith. Scripture tells us that “faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of reality though not yet beheld.”
What that means is that we know we are supported by a power greater than us, while at the same time acknowledging the presence of God within us. It means that God gets to express love and life through us in a unique and special way; one that no one else on the planet can duplicate. Because we are all individuals, yet unique in the way we express Spirit, we are all truly “only-begotten.”
This designation means that we are supported by God in all ways, but there is a catch. We have to allow this to happen. Many New Thought churches and centers end their services with the “Peace Song.” The phrase, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me,” holds the key that unlocks all the padlocks on our most difficult problems. WE have to let it be. WE have to allow God into our lives to support us through our conscious recognition that God is already here.
God is willing now and forever. The question is whether or not we are going to “let it be.” Be willing this week to have more answers than questions, to have more solutions than problems. As a child I was taught by my mother to, “throw your burdens upon Jehovah.” That’s good advice, because I’ll tell you:  God’s shoulders are a lot broader than ours and can take on more weight than we’d ever thought possible.
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