How Positively Annoying!


Do you ever just get “stuck in your stuff?” I mean really down about your living situation, your job, your relationship or how many extra pounds you might be hauling around? We work so hard to be positive, to be uplifting to ourselves and others, but there are days (sometimes weeks) when nothing we do seems to work out the way we expect it to. It can be very discouraging.
That’s about the time when a friend or partner comes along and says something like, “Just be positive! Isn’t that what you are always saying?” How positively annoying! First of all, can’t they see we are in pain and agony? And, secondly, don’t they realize they are speaking to a spiritual master, a metaphysical ninja of affirmative thought and prayer? Before we remember to thank them for their positive attitude and cheerful approach our first thought might be to slap the living snot out of them. That would be our ego. Not terribly spiritual…nor helpful.
Yeah…it sucks to be an example of spiritual principle when we are mired in the muck of mindless mud. There are those of us who believe we are spiritual creatures having a human experience. That means we are here to experience all of the human condition, not just the situations we find desirable and convenient. Then there’s that other metaphysical principle about co-creating our experience with God, meaning we no longer get to blame the devil, God, our parents or the government for our problems. Most annoying. But, hey, if taking charge of our lives and being consciously aware of directing our thoughts was easy everyone would be doing it. The fact is, most are not. Being mindful of our lives and our actions is far harder than any manual labor we will ever do.
Our words have the ability to create and destroy. As The Quest notes, our thoughts are like the scattered light of a light bulb. Our words, however, are focused, like the “cohesive light” of a laser. What a visual that is! To imagine that everything coming out of our mouth has the same impact as either a gentle, precise laser that could assist with micro surgery, or the destructive impact of an industrial laser capable of melting steel. Think on that for a moment and realize the potential we have.
The annoying person who reminds us of who we are is a blessing in our lives, even though it doesn’t seem so at the time. The situation also gives us the opportunity to realize how compassion, not preaching, is a far better way to support one another through crisis and stressful times.
In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,

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