Clarify from Confusion


Emma Curtis Hopkins once wrote that “order is heaven’s first law.” If the spiritual realm is perfection, and that perfection is reflected in our human experience, then why do our lives look more like a supernova at times instead of harmonious cooperation?
The quick and easy answer is that what looks like chaos can actually be order in motion. A hurricane, for example, is a very orderly and predictable phenomenon. Meteorologists can now use complex computer models to very accurately predict the path and strength of these events.
Being in the path of one, however, is far from orderly. The question is not why something is happening to us (like a hurricane-sized problem), but why we have somehow chosen to be in the situation to experience it in the first place. We often have warning of climatic events that can affect our lives, just like we have warnings of a coming storm. Yet some people choose to remain in the path of certain disaster.
We can do that in our relationships as well. We may see all the warning signs of a storm, yet refuse to get out of the way or prepare ourselves for what is ahead. We can become so sure that what we see around us will protect us that we fail to remember that nothing physical is permanent. We place our faith in what we can see, hoping for survival.
It comes down to a lack of faith. We hope that things will get better, but we don’t really have anything upon which to base our expectations. Ernest Holmes once wrote that faith is not hope. He said that hope was a good thing and certainly better than despair, but it paled in comparison to true faith in God and the Laws by which the universe operate.
Personal storms will come and go. We can be as prepared for these events as we can be for a heavy rain or snow storm. But, when you are in the middle of the storm it is not the time to criticize yourself for not remembering to close the windows in the car. In other words, do the best that you can. In the midst of chaos remember that somehow everything is working in Divine Right Order, regardless of what you see in front of you. Then be gentle with yourself, as you would with a scared little child. To borrow from the quote started by Dan Savage against bullying, “It gets better”. And you know what? It always does.
In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


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