What’s in Your Consciousmess?


            No, that’s not a typo in the title. It was a typo when I was writing an email to my prayer partner this morning and then it hit me:  The situation about which I was writing was a “consciousmess!”
            In both Unity and Science of Mind we teach that the Universe is abundant. But even those of us who have studied these New Thought philosophies for years can fall back into a fear and overall attitude of lack if we allow ourselves to do so. Ernest Holmes wrote that “fear is faith misplaced.” In other words, we have a strong belief that something will go amiss.
The result of such thinking I was I call a “conscious-mess,” as we have created yet another mess in our lives. How did this happen? Because this kind of thinking causes us to succumb to the notion that God will not provide. But is that possible?
            The answer is obvious:  It isn’t possible because Spirit always provides. It’s our job to open to that abundance. Either we believe in the unlimited power of God or we don’t. It doesn’t mean we don’t have doubts from time-to-time. We know the principles in which we believe are simple, but not always easy. But that doesn’t mean we get to spread our doubts and fears all over everyone around us, attempting to infect others with diseased thinking.
            This consciousmess of which I was made aware has been created by others, but if it’s in my face then it must be there for a reason! It has the potential to involve and affect me should I choose to participate. I’ve decided it’s not my mess. The situation allows me to act in love, instead of reacting in fear. It’s hard to see others suffer, but when others are not willing to change then often the best we can do is stay positive and pray for their peace and harmony.
We get to choose our experience. I choose to live in a world of abundance, peace and harmony. How about you?
In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,

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