After the Storm


The very fact that I can write my blog this week, send it off to my volunteer proofreader/editor and then out to all of you is evidence that Hurricane Sandy did not have the effect on our area as predicted. We prepared for the worst, probably not as well as we could have, but we took precautions. We had a few leaks in the roof that we’ll address soon, and I got to use the shop vac in the cellar more than once. But other than the fact that our satellite lost the HD channels and we had to analog (gasp!), that was about the extent of our hardships. Not even a gap in electric service during the whole thing.
How drastically different than our friends and neighbors less than an hour away! The pictures of the east coast are devastating and those we’ve heard from who are inland, but closer to the Atlantic than we, are still without power in many cases, if they even have a home in which to have power. So many must rebuild and regroup, and our thoughts and prayers go out to them.
Humans seem to like to mark events – birthdays, anniversaries and the beginning of the New Year to name a few. Tonight is Halloween, the scariest night of the year for the kids. October 31st is also the pagan holiday of Samhain. It marks the end the year on the calendar of the Old Religion and the beginning of a new cycle. It is the perfect time for us to let go of the past, in particular the past few days, and move forward into the future.
We don’t need disasters to help us get rid of things or special days to force us to appreciate our blessings. We can start every day of our lives with thanks for a new day, knowing that it will be the best ever. We can go through the day expressing our love for God and our planet by taking care of one another and the Earth.  Every night before we close our eyes we can let go of the hurts of the day, forgive ourselves and others, and give thanks once more for the love in our life.
Sounds like too much “pink-cloud metaphysics?” Sounds too good to be true? I hope not. It sure beats being Eeyore, running around with our tail falling off. Our lives are going to be what we make of them. Believe that or not. I choose to believe it. I choose to believe that all the wonderful things I expect to happen are “good enough to be true.” Join me.
In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


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