How Do You Call It?

Many people are amazed at the twist, spin and interpretation of recent events impacting the upcoming presidential elections here in the States. The media claims to report the facts, but often the stories are slanted at best and biased at worst.

Political campaigns are a wonderful example of how we form new ideas or hold onto old beliefs in spite of the evidence. People want to believe the good reports about their favorite candidate, but disregard the negative stories as campaign politics. How is that the same in our daily lives?
The Principles of New Thought teach us to decide how we want to experience life. We can allow our past belief system to stop us or we can chart a new course based on what works for us. Sports analogies are not my strong suit, but I found a story recently that speaks to this.
A young umpire was calling his first game and proudly told another umpire, “I call it as it is.” A more experienced umpire chuckled and said, “I call it as I see it.” The oldest, most senior of the umpires was walking by, stopped and looked at them shaking his head. He said, “You both got it wrong. It ain’t nuthin’ till I call it.”
Are you getting the flu, or did you just enjoy a good sneeze? Have you been devastated financially or has the stock market just dipped? Does your spouse no longer love you because s/he forgot to get you a card on a special day?
No one gets to “call it” for us. We have that privilege, but it comes with responsibility. For how we call it determines what we experience. Choose wisely!
In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


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