I would stop writing about our cats every week, but they are just such darn good teachers! The issue this week seems to be shedding. The lint roller is working overtime because it’s not a good idea to leave our house without attending to the cat hair.


It’s just that time of year. If you have pets you probably deal with shedding. It’s another sign of spring but neither fragrant as the hyacinths nor as beautiful as the crocuses. The cats’ winter coats are no longer useful or needed, so their bodies are relieving them of the additional layer of fur.


How easy is that? They no longer need the additional weight and just let it go. How would it be if our burdens were released as easily and without a second thought? Our ego minds might immediately jump to the defense of keeping drama and difficulty in our lives by telling us that our issues are far more complicated than a natural process like shedding. But are they?


That argument begs the discussion of just how complicated we want our lives to be. Ernest Holmes said that our problems are as real as we need them to be. We can ask ourselves: How hard do I want life to be? How much do I want to struggle with issues? What hoops do I insist on jumping through when it is not required?


The questions I like to pose to myself when I feel I must do something are: What would happen if I didn’t do it? Would the world stop? Would my family despise me? Would I even remember the drama five years from now?


I’m posing a lot of questions this week for which I offer no answers. Each of us must individually decide what battles we will fight and which ones we choose to walk away from. Life offers challenges. How much struggle we experience is up to us.


In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,



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