Of All the Unmitigated Gall!

I’m growing weary of people in our country who judge others by putting themselves up on a pedestal. I’m ashamed to say that most of the people I see doing this are Christians, or at least those who claim to be. I’m sure there are Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists and (gasp!) even Religious Scientists who might fit into this category, but people who call themselves Christians are what we seem to have an abundance of here in Central Pennsyltucky, so Christians it is.

TWICE, not just once, but TWICE, dear ones, I have had a run-in with a “Christian” in a gas-guzzling pickup truck while driving from our farmette in Carlisle to my Center in Camp Hill down Rt. 641. Both vehicles were so high off the ground I’m sure they required a step ladder to board. The trucks were covered with NRA and “Jesus is my co-pilot” bumper stickers and more American flags than you see at the VFW hall on Memorial Day.

One driver was a guy who puts the “red” in redneck. I’m sure he makes his mama proud. He simultaneously flipped off another driver while swerving through traffic and was still able to toss his lit cigarette out of the window. What skill. The other was a blonde in a tank top that had seen better days in a time when it actually fit both of her breasts (take this as my nod to “Feel your boobies” this month…which you should be doing). While yakking on her cell phone she was Christian enough to speed up and cut off an elderly woman who was trying desperately to get out into traffic. The poor old broad nearly had a heart attack. Bless her heart.

Okay, now that I have all THAT out of my system it’s time to tell you why I chose to write about this issue. It’s not just Christians and I’m not Christian-bashing, so if you’re Christian please don’t get your knickers in a twist and send me encyclopedic emails. I was, as you can readily ascertain, in high-bustle reaction to two people on two different days who are themselves probably quick to tout rightwing, evangelical values while judging Democrats, gays, blacks, anyone with an Arab-sounding name and the rest of the people in town who are not gun-toting, gas-guzzling, flag-waving believers in Jesus.

And you know who else does the same thing? Me. That is what this is about and not Christian-bashing. Those of us in the Science of Mind philosophy and other New Thought or metaphysical teachings who talk about the Love of the Universe out of one side of our mouths and then look down on someone who has made life choices that are different than our own are making judgments. The scenario applies to anyone who wants to talk the talk more than s/he wants to walk the walk.

Christianity and living the Science of Mind principles are not something we practice only on Sunday at church or while in class. They are supposed to be a way of life, not an occasional activity. My story about the two drivers and all my judgment of them is not about two faux Christians. It is about my own decision to judge the situation as bad, instead of allowing myself to observe what I was doing and consciously choose to apply the principles I teach.

It brought me back to the Christian teaching of my youth: Take the rafter out of your own eye before you try taking the splinter out the eye of someone else. What I saw made me angry. When I realized what I’d done I felt shame, which was appropriate under the circumstances. It also gave me the opportunity to be able to change my thoughts and my experience. And that, my friends, was a good thing.

In Spirit, Truth, Playfulness…and this week….Humility,


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