Choose the Stream

We have all seen televangelists or motivational speakers. Some of them seem to have the same smile on their face constantly. I find that kind of perennial “happy go lucky” or “everything is just wonderful all the time” attitude incredibly unbelievable. No one is happy all the time.


When we admit that the only constant in the universe is change we also realize that “shift” happens and we are not always going to like it. In the Science of Mind philosophy we do not ignore the facts. Ernest Holmes taught us that our experience is as real as we need it to be.


That does not mean, however, that thinking nice thoughts or spouting trite affirmations will make everything in our world hunky dory. We can be so metaphysically high that we are no earthly good. We chose on some level to be in human form. Because of that fact we must acknowledge the physical part of our being. We then decide just how real we need the physical part to be.


Gravity is one of those physical parts. I would love to fly through the air like Superman, but since that is not likely to happen I tend to shy away from the edges of tall buildings and sheer drop-offs. It does not mean I cannot learn to hang-glide or get on an airplane. We learn to change the things we can and accept the things we cannot. One way of doing this is to “go with the flow.”


One thing to remember about going with the flow is that dead fish can go with the flow. Aligning ourselves with the universe does not mean we must ride along in life and take what we can get, becoming bruised and bloody from hitting all the rocks while going downstream. Science of Mind teaches us to choose our experience. In this case, we get to choose the stream when we go with the flow.


Going with the flow of life also eliminates much of the stress that we heap upon ourselves in modern society. I am writing this at this particular time because the program I was going to watch on TV is unavailable – the satellite is down due to a thunderstorm. I can spend the next hour trying to get through to our satellite provider and create an immense amount of stress while being on hold or dealing with a call service center. Or, I can assume that it will be corrected later in the day, sit down to write my blog for this week and then play with the cats.


Will the stream you choose take you to the sewage plant or a sea of opportunity? Will you choose an exciting life by shooting the rapids or the tranquility and safety of a pristine lake? Neither answer is correct. You are empowered to choose any possibility and enjoy the outcome or experience the consequences. I hope you appreciated the stream I chose this afternoon!


In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


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