The Rapture

Since I am writing this and you are reading it, it would appear that either: 1) The Rapture of May 21, 2011 did not occur; 2) It happened and apparently no one on earth made the cut; or, 3) We all were taken and – get ready – this IS Heaven!

When Jesus told us “the kingdom of heaven is within” and “no one knows the hour” I believe we can take the Great Teacher at face value. It is far more important to live our life by being truly present in the moment and much less important to know when or if this or that can or will occur.

Losing sleep over what may or will happen in the future leads to anxiety. No one can accurately predict the future since, as the scripture says, “Time and unforeseen occurrences befall us all.”

“This or something better” is what I often add when I give a spiritual mind treatment (or affirmative prayer) for myself or others. I am very clear on the reasons why the words are being spoken. I’m confident that I am one with all that there is, that there is within me the Knower that knows, and that the result is already a complete idea in the Mind of God.

But I also know that the Universe often has a far bigger and better idea for me than I can perceive. Why limit the unlimited? As Rev. Helen Street used to say, “You’re dealing with Divine Intelligence – not ‘Big Dummy in the Sky!’” We don’t have to tell God or the Universe how to accomplish our desires. Neither do we need to worry about when things will happen or abandon our responsibilities in a belief that God or some force outside ourselves will do everything for us.

What we can do is be busy about our work, clarifying our desires, making sure that our actions are in line with what we want, and leave the final outcome alone to unfold. If we don’t like the results we can choose again.

Life is immortal, but the time we spend in this body, at this point in the history of humankind is finite. Whether that is 40 years, 80 years or 120 years remains to be seen. What is important is that we appreciate every day we have as a glorious opportunity to better our planet, each other and ourselves. Our success in having a life truly worth living will bless everyone around us.

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


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