Catching Up!

I’m sending this out as an update on activities at the Center, but this is also an apology for the way my Blog has “disappeared”. So….I’m sorry about the blog! Several people have told me they’ve missed the blog (appreciated!) and I promise to be more consistent with that in the future. ‘Nuff said?

I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time recently getting ready for the opening of the Center this month. You’d think that after 20 years in some form of ministry and 25 years as a massage therapist this would be a piece of cake, simply moving what I have been doing out of my home all this time across the river into a new office suite. It isn’t!

There seems to be an ongoing and endless list of items to move into or purchase for the Center. I’ve had donations of furniture that I’ve not been able to obtain due to a large enough vehicle. Getting our schedules together to get the furniture I do have has not happened…yet! So the look of the Center is evolving rather than being a “POP – It’s CREATED!” event – hmmm….kinda like life, huh?

New business cards for the Center and my various types of work have been received or on order, press releases were sent in March, and advertising is beginning to be seen throughout the community. Tuesday classes in April have concluded and produced lively discussions! I have no classes planned for May or June, but I’ve been asked to consider starting an ongoing Wednesday evening group. This would be a time to check in, a short talk on a current topic and then a guided meditation. Let me know if that’s something in which you might be interested!

This month has seen an increase in counseling and massage clients, a local magazine has expressed interest in running an article on the Center and my work, and I’ve been humbled by referrals, often from channels I’d not even considered. April begins a busy six-month period of weddings to perform. I have the joy of working with a diverse and exciting group of couples from many religious and spiritual backgrounds. We’ll be breaking glasses, lighting candles, tying knots, reciting vows and jumping a broom or two.

The foundation that keeps me centered is my wonderful family, Paul and Kevin, who support me through all my crazy, eclectic life, all the while running their own successful careers and interests. I thank my guys often, but probably not nearly enough I’m sure. Who supports you? Have you thanked them recently? Take a moment today to do that today!

I hope my experience of life and the way I use the principles of New Thought can help you in your life. I’ve screwed up a lot in my life, continue to do things I know don’t work, but I love the process of life (most of the time….) and hope that both my successes AND foibles can be of help to you. I care very much about what’s going on in your life, so please let me hear back from you. If you contact me for support I will know the Truth about you: That you are the only person like you that gets to express God or Universal Power the way you do. Be yourself. Be authentic. And be unique. To do any less, robs us of your gift.

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,

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