What Resolution?

So did you make any New Year’s resolutions? How’s that working out for you?

I avoid the gym every year for the first three weeks of January. I work out most of the time at home anyway so it’s no big deal, but gyms are notoriously crowded for during this time of the year because everyone is going hog wild to absolve themselves of their guilt-ridden epicurean conduct over the previous month. A resolution to get back to the gym is usually in that mix. Never lasts more than a couple of weeks for those folks.

In fact, I seldom see many people following through on their New Year’s resolutions. It’s probably because people make them because they think they “should.” Doing something only because we think we “should” isn’t much of a motivator and it usually feels pretty crappy. I no longer make New Year’s resolutions. I haven’t for a number of years. There are a couple of reasons for that.

I believe strongly in goal-setting, so that’s not one of the reasons. I work on at least ten goals at a time – ten top things or conditions I want to manifest in my life. Each time I achieve one I replace it with one I have yet to attain. I just don’t believe the guilt of the holidays or remorse over what I didn’t accomplish over the past year is any motivating force for change.

I do aspire to better my life and myself as a person – not just once a year, but every day. January 1 really isn’t all that significant to me as a turning point. A new calendar, sure; a need to make sure I’m careful when I write a check because of the new year, but other than that what’s the big deal? Is there really much difference between December 31 and January 1? Not really.

I celebrate change “officially” twice a year: May 23 and October 31/November 1. May 23 is my birthday, so I take the time to reflect on my life, take stock of myself, see where I can improve and celebrate my achievements. October 31/November 1 is the end/beginning of the earth or pagan year. It is the time of the year when the world is becoming darker, a time for reflection, release and preparing for the rebirth of spring. I like aligning myself with the earth and nature. It makes me feel more a part of our planet.

I don’t care if you create a goal every day or just make a resolution on New Years. If you did make some resolutions, well, good for you! It shows you care enough about yourself to affect a change in your life. That’s excellent. I have found, however, that making decisions to change based on information and decisiveness tend to last a lot longer than those based on reaction, fear and group pressure.

Take time at least once a day to take stock of your life. What’s working and what’s not? What do you want to get rid of and what do you want to acknowledge as a blessing? By doing this, resolutions will not be a once- or twice-a-year event – it will be the ongoing change that will help you create a life worth living.

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


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