Freedom in Darkness

Hope you missed not having a blog the last couple of weeks – my computer system and I had a “minor” issue. The system (Vista – and don’t start with me!) froze, the system had to be re-installed, and the external backup drive failed. The result is that I lost all files from September through the first part of December.


Now, having said that, it wasn’t such a bad thing. Yes, yes, I do go to look for something (like the template for my counseling intake client form or wedding planning sheet for a bride) and discover it’s missing. And I have to recreate the whole thing. Meaning that I have to spend hours…again…creating it. But I digress…I want to convince you that this is not a bad thing. Grrrr….


Which, actually, it isn’t. Loss is loss, but we often think of it as a negative. Another way of looking at it is that it is very freeing. Granted, it is annoying as well, but most annoying things have a delightful message for me if I’ll just stop whining or screaming long enough to hear it.


I’ve discovered what’s important through this experience. I miss not having the pictures I took at the FAB Gala of the three of us, but no one can take the memory from me. I am annoyed to have to re-design all my forms I just created for my new center, but they were based on previous ministries/businesses. Perhaps I really am creating something brand new.


I also lost all my email and addresses. Fortunately, I still had my blog eList on the old Gmail account for the center, so you’re getting this! But all those cherished emails I had saved, love letters, evidentials (when someone tells you that you’re worth something or they really appreciate you!) and information I was going to read “someday” are gone into cyber hell or heaven. Now my “in-box” is fairly sparse. I rather like it that way. Information that’s important is being made into a document or scanned…and IS being backed up now!


Today is the winter solstice, then time when it is the darkest on our part of the planet and the time when, after 6:38pm EST today, the days get longer and the nights get shorter. Yule, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are all festivals of light – life becoming brighter as we exit the darkness on our way to the birth of spring and new creation. As I come out of my cyber darkness, I hope you will take time to find what is important in your life, enjoy it, cherish it and celebrate it. Chances are, it’s not going to be your computer, your Droid, your car or anything else that’s mechanical.


May your holidays and the new calendar year be filled with love, joy and prosperity!


In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


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