Nothing’s Perfect, Everything’s Perfect

I’m having one of those days when do matter what I plan out, with ever good intention mind you, nothing seems to be working right. I find myself tongue-tied when speaking with others – and amusing situation to most people given that I seldom am without a comment on most anything. I made three attempts at stringing lights on my Christmas tree, which resulted in language most unbecoming the season. I’m attending a charity ball this evening, and I don’t feel excited.

So WHAT is my problem?!? Plans and ego, that’s what. I once heard that it’s fine to “go with the flow” but we have the obligation to choose the stream, river, lake or ocean in which we will flow. Though I had many things to do on my “list” today, I have had absolutely no focus, no purpose, other than to accomplish “stuff”.

While I was having my first cup of coffee, and fretting about all I had before me, that “still small voice” suggested I take a few minutes to meditate. Of course, I didn’t, which is why I ended up in the state I’m in. I couldn’t be bothered taking the time. Mahatma Gandhi was once quoted as saying, “I have so much to do today I must meditate two hours instead of one.” I would have been wise to recall that this morning, instead of now.

By allowing ourselves to go with the flow of the day AFTER we’ve set ourselves up to win by mediation, prayer or whatever practice we have to center ourselves, then, and only then, can perfection be made manifest in our lives. And now, with that thought in mind, I’m going to take that ten minutes I could have taken this morning. Namasté.

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,

Dr. Terry

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